8 Ways to Change Your Look

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8 Ways to Change Your Look

Adopt a New Style. If you're ready for a totally new look, try a new genre. There are many different types of "looks" to choose from and you don't need to go head-to-toe in any one look (it's perfectly fine to mix Rocker Chick with Western, for example. Want to go tougher, edgier? Bring out your inner rocker chick with things that would make a band member proud. Opt for rocker tees, leather jackets, minis and more. Or maybe boho chic is more your style. This look takes maxis, floppy hats, etc. and mixes together for a cool hippie chick style. Another way to dress: Western.

Dress Up Your Basics

We all have basics like little black dresses and cardigans. But most of us wear them the same way over and over again. Why not try new ways to wear your little black dress? Pop on bright shoes, go head-to-toe black and more with these variations to spice up your standby LBD. Cardigans are another basic that we all own, but there are so many great ways to wear this classic, too, including belted, with a longer layer underneath and more.

Pay Attention to Details

Sometimes it's the little things that you add to your outfits that have a big payoff. Small details -- such as the belt you add -- can have a big payoff. By wearing the right belt you can do everything from highlight a small waist to ground a print. Hats are another detail that can entirely change your look. From big floppy hats to natty fedoras, a hat is sure to transform your everyday style. A hat is a truly personal addition to our wardrobe, one that sets our look apart from everyone else's.

Wear More Skirts

Most of us have loads of jeans, leggings and black pants, but not as many skirts. Adding more skirts to your wardrobe are a fantastic way to really change up your basic blouses, jackets, etc. A pencil skirt is a classic silhouette that is extremely flattering and wearable for most body types.

Add Leather

Are you only wearing your leather jacket one way? You can wear your leather jacket with everything from pearls to a little black dress to freshen up everything in your closet. But leather isn't just for jackets anymore. You can opt for leather gowns, a girly leather skirt, even brightly colored leather.

Develop a Timeless Style

Tired of being at the whim of fashion? Ditch the trends and opt for a timeless style, employing basic get-dressed principles like choosing a great neckline, opting for monochromatic looks and more. Using timeless style techniques you can make sure you always have something to wear that's flattering for your body.

Try New Footwear

Have you gotten in a rut with your shoes? Do you opt for flats or pumps when you yearn for something edgier and more experimental? Shoes are an easy -- and (for the most part) affordable -- way to update your outfit. For example, if you are used to wearing knee-high boots, switch to an ankle boot to update your outfits. Or go full-out with a sexy over-the-knee boot.

Switch to Print Pants

Plain pants? So last year. The newest pants are kinds of prints, from bold and powerful to subtle and sophisticated. If you're bottom heavy, you may need to beware the print pant, but even then there are vertical prints that are more slenderizing.


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