Fashion Advice for Women

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Fashion Advice for Women

For all those women who got confused in fashion industry and newest trends I want to give several fashion advices to women of all ages.

Every single woman wants to look attractive and stylish and tries to follow all rules of modern fashion. Such versatility of styles can surely confuse you so before plunging in the world of fashion you’d better check out those fashion advices and learn how to choose clothing for you.

First of all I want to say very important thing; girls, looking attractive doesn’t mean to wear the trendiest clothing that doesn’t even suit you and your personality. Sometimes women especially young girls forget about this fact and choose clothing without paying attention to the fact whether colors or cuts are suitable for personality or not. Analyze your body, complexion, personality and lifestyle and decide what image will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Another factor that should be taken into account is your lifestyle and profession. If you are office worker you probably know about the dress code. If not, remember that you should have several classy dresses, skirts, blouses, pants and shoes in subtle and nude tones. You can also check out some useful tips about how to choose office outfit here. Try to avoid super short dresses, bold decollete and high heels. Of course I don’t mean you should have boring look, you can glam up your look with elegant jewelry. For formal enets, cocktail and corporate party you can choose littel black dress that will surely make you stand out ina crowd. On how to choose little black dress you can learn here.

Color of clothing is also very important. Again, for office outfit try to stay away from bright colors and choose subtle tones like pale pink, gray, black and white, brown and similar shades.

Last but not least factor to take into consideration is of course your age. Women over 30 surely cannot wear similar cloths when they were at their 20. You should feel the difference and choose age appropriate clothing.


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